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Wonder Steel Ball Stretcher

Wonder Steel Ball Stretcher

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Train your tackle with the Weighty Wonder Steel Ball Stretcher for hot n' heavy CBT sessions. Built to spread the weight of your stretch evenly across the balls, this split-ring design features two halves of polished surgical-grade stainless steel that seamlessly lock together around your scrotum or the base of your cock.

Available in three sizes or as a set of three, 30mm (80g), 33mm (84g) and 38mm (95g). Discover your perfect tug, or customise your sack-stretching sessions by stacking these weighty rings to experience the ultimate stretch. 

Ideal for long-term wear, smooth stainless steel won't chafe or rub as it sits snuggly in your preferred position. Plus, it's super hygienic and easy to sterilise. So, enjoy a pleasurable pull and swing your scrotum for the satisfying stretch you crave.

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