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Underbed Restraint Bondage Kit with Eye mask for Sensor Play

Underbed Restraint Bondage Kit with Eye mask for Sensor Play

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Transform any bed into a den of iniquity with this quick and easy restraint kit. Pop it under the mattress of any bed and adjust the straps to the correct length. Then put the 4 buckled cuffs onto your partner and strap them down. Easy peasy.

Complete restraint is yours in an instant as the restraint cuffs your sub's arms and legs and leaves them bound and vulnerable in your power. Unclip one cuff to flip them over or leave them totally immobile and enslaved to your desires. Suitable for almost any size bed, the cuff straps extend to 4 feet 2 inches each, while the connecting strap extends to 4 feet.

Key Features: Under-the-bed restraint kit for corner-to-corner spreader-bar-style action. Transforms your divan bed into a full-restraint system without any permanent fixtures or fittings. The cuffs fasten with buckles and are fully adjustable and plush lined for a comfortable fit. The connecting strap can be extended to a length of 4 feet 2 inches. The cuffs can also be used with super -king sized beds.

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