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The Soul Splitting Urethral Pump

The Soul Splitting Urethral Pump

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Are you ready to take on the soul splitting urethral pump? With this sleek silicone urethral dilator, greater depth and breadth of pleasure is within your reach. Crafted from lightweight, hypoallergenic silicone, this plug is comfortable to insert and flexes with your body for satisfying wear.

Once you've lubed up, insert the 7mm tube down the end of your penis. Take hold of the easy-to-use, palm-sized bulb and feel the plug inflate with every squeeze. As you indulge in the intense, filling sensation. Simply press the quick-release button for instant deflation and enjoy total control throughout your play session.

The plug measures 10 inches in insertable length and 7mm in diameter, once you start pumping you can reach a whopping 2 inch diameter.

Always use a sterile water-based lube with urethral toys to ensure safe, pleasurable insertion.

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