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Stainless Steel Urethral Dilators (2 Piece)

Stainless Steel Urethral Dilators (2 Piece)

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Enjoy deep penetration and intense sensations with this beginners urethral probe two set. Made from smooth stainless steel you have two to play with. The first gradually increases in size to help stretch slowly whereas the second stays one width with 5mm intervals to pleasure, tease and please. Featuring a plethora of ribs for heightened stimulation, it's not too intimidating and is a great start to urethral adventures.

Generously lubricate yourself and the urethral tool with a sterile lubricant and, using no manual force, allow the smooth tapered tip to gradually insert itself under the natural force of gravity. Begin with the smaller wand using it to slowly stretch your urethral opening.

Once this feels comfortable, use the same method and swap to the textured wand to escalate stimulation and pleasure. Experiment with slow, gentle thrusts and deep penetration to truly discover the orgasm-inducing potential of your innermost nerve endings.

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