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Stainless Steel Glans Ring Penis Plug

Stainless Steel Glans Ring Penis Plug

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Enlarge your penis and prolong play sessions with the Stainless Steel Glans Ring Penis Plug. While its solid glans ring rubs against your frenulum for external pleasure, the tapered plug sits inside the urethra, stimulating the ultra-sensitive nerve endings.

Often seen as a piece of jewellery as well as a sex toy, this stainless steel urethral plug has a multitude of benefits that enhance masturbation, foreplay and sex. Slip the ring over the head of your penis while flaccid, positioning the ball-shaped hinge over your frenulum, and allow the torpedo-shaped plug to gradually ease itself into the opening of your penis.

Enjoy exceptional stimulation that surrounds the entire head of your penis and sends waves of tingles up and down your spine, as well as delayed ejaculation, an enlarged head and prolonged pleasure.

The insertable plug measures at an 6mm diameter at its slimmest, and 12mm at its widest.

Top tip: Always use a good quality sterile lubricant when inserting anything into your urethra.
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