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Sexy Bee

Stainless Steel Ball Dividing Chastity Cage

Stainless Steel Ball Dividing Chastity Cage

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Step up your chastity game with this exceptionally well equipped device. The urethral tube is removable so you can mix it up and enjoy the variations on offer. The scrotum bar acts to further keep it all restrained and splits the sack too.

Measuring 4.5cm in length and 3.3cm in width this cage will keep your sub flaccid preventing any chance of an erection. The ring diameter is 4.5cm. 

Cast in ultra-strong stainless steel, the ventilated design allows your caged cock to breath, preventing any unwanted bacteria. The chastity cage also comes with a flexible silicone urethral tube that slips down your penis, allowing for urination and leaving you with no excuse for premature removal– no matter how hard you beg!

Fastened with an integrated padlock and key, prove your commitment to your Dom(me) as you cease all control of your cock.


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