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Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers

Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers

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You wouldn't neglect your pant-hamster, so why ignore your nipples? Show them the love they deserve with our Perfect Pair nipple suckers. They increase sensitivity using gentle suction and are ideal for nipple-toy beginners.

Did you know that for many people, nipple play is vital for reaching 'the big O'? When stimulated, these little love buttons tell your brain to produce oxytocin: a crucial hormone required for climax.

Sticking in place using nothing but suction, and offering easy hands-free nip-stim, use your available hands for other play to blend sensations and enjoy mind-blowing results.

For the best suction and pleasure, apply a small amount of water-based lube to the rim of both suckers before applying them to the nipples.

Remove both suckers after around 10 minutes and follow up with nipple strokes, licks and pinches to make the most of their new receptivity to touch.

Want to keep them handy? Simply hook them to your keys for a saucy keychain ;)

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