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Mouse Trap Stainless Steel Micropenis Chastity Cage

Mouse Trap Stainless Steel Micropenis Chastity Cage

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Show off your submission in the Mouse Trap Stainless Steel Chastity Cage. This solid stainless steel device is perfect for practising restraint when you just can't leave your willy alone...

With a total length of 4.3 inches, the domed design squashes your cock between the bars, forcing you to remain flaccid. There's no excuse to wiggle out of punishment as the open design, forged from hygienic stainless steel, allows for urination and airflow so you can keep clean while locked in chastity.

To fit, enclose the 4.5-inch snap ring around your balls to anchor the cage to your body. The front of this cock cage is completely removeable for simple, stress-free fittings. Perfect for extended wear, the cylinder lock is less bulky than a traditional padlock, so it can be worn discreetly without anyone knowing your dirty little secret... unless you want them to.

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