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Sexy Bee

Misfit Faux Leather Bow Flogger

Misfit Faux Leather Bow Flogger

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The Misfit Faux Leather Bow Flogger is the perfect addition to your mischievous BDSM play. Used for extreme bondage scenarios or light-hearted experimenting, the Misfit slowly builds tension and anticipation as the sub awaits the whip of the leather tail.

The flogger is created to have your playmate on tenterhooks while the tip of each individual, titillating tail crawls over their skin, stimulating the nerve endings as they go.

Take your time focusing on your partner’s most irresistible areas and watch on as they are slowly aroused, knowing that their pleasure, and pain, is in your hands. The strap allows for a firmer grip, and in turn, a more controlled slap.

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