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Sexy Bee

Small Chastity Cage (45mm Ring)

Small Chastity Cage (45mm Ring)

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Want to experience the best climax of your life? Look no further. For those willing try this tight squeeze this urethral cock cage is just what the doctor ordered. We are the UK’s leading penis play experts and have all you need to insert some extreme sadism into your extracurricular activities. Whether alone, or with a playmate, our Urethral Small Chastity Cage will stimulate your prostate, and even tantalise your urethral sphincter, to ensure that you have the climactic experience of a lifetime. 

The satisfaction of locking your sub into this Small Chastity Cage , oooh. Manufactured from silky smooth stainless steel, this ring design cage incorporates a removable 6cm penis plug for the ultimate pleasure/pain combination. This extremely Small Chastity Cage locks around your flaccid penis, preventing you from getting an erection or enjoying sexual release. With ventilation and a through-hole down the penis plug, this cage is perfect for extended wear.

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