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Sexy Bee

Little Lad Padlocked Chastity Cage (3cm)

Little Lad Padlocked Chastity Cage (3cm)

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If your small-dick submissive is delighted by denial, lock up that tiny cock in the Little Lad Padlocked Chastity Cage.

A punishing solution for subs who won't stop touching their tackle; satisfy your sadistic side and leave him begging for pleasure - just don't lose the keys! Suitable for beginners and beyond with an open, ventilated design, this extra small cock and ball device confines the most minuscule of willies, forcing them to stay flaccid in just 3-inches of confinement for thrilling orgasm denial.

The vented design allows urination and airflow for hygienic extended wear, so you have no excuse to remove this device until your Dom(me) says so. Securing to the base with a sturdy padlock, the 1.8-inch diameter ring encloses his ball sack for a tightly crammed appearance that only adds to his degradation.

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