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Leather Wrist-to-Neck All Tied Up Restraint Kit

Leather Wrist-to-Neck All Tied Up Restraint Kit

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A bit of kit that really looks the part and offers serious binding, whilst being suitable for the newish players, this neck-to-wrist restraint puts wiggling arms under firm control without any awkward positioning. Perfect for forced and denied orgasm fun.

The perfect middle-ground for couples who are ready for something more than "just" cuffs, but not ready for full harness bondage, this adjustable collar and cuff set is a great compromise.

Both the collar and cuffs are fully adjustable and offer a wide range of sizes for any body, but are buckle fastened for those who've moved past Velcro closures.

When combined with the Y-shape connecting strap, arms are kept to the front or back of the body and limit movement drastically. Plus, thanks to the convenient length of the strap, the wearer's hands are kept close to their genitals.

Now you just need to decide whether you want them to give you a sexy show, to force them to refrain from touching themselves, no matter how tempting it is...
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