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Double Ended Male Masturbator Fleshlight

Double Ended Male Masturbator Fleshlight

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The best-selling sex toy for men just got even better. This fleshlight is a discreet and fantastically textured male masturbator with an aerodynamic exterior, stealth opening from both ends and an incredibly bumpy canal for pleasure that soars to new heights.

One side you will find a tight vaginal opening with internal textured ribs, the other you will find a realistic oral opening with a silicone tongue and teeth to keep it feeling and looking like the real deal.

Take your fun to stratospheric heights by letting the insert warm up in warm water before play, and always use a good quality water-based lube with this toy.

This toy can be used for edging – when you bring yourself or your partner close to orgasm, stop or slow down before orgasm is reached, then build back up to approach orgasm again. You can repeat this as many times as you like. Some people find this technique can help to delay and/or increase the intensity of their orgasm.

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