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Sexy Bee

'By Your Side' Leather Thigh and Handcuffs

'By Your Side' Leather Thigh and Handcuffs

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When it comes to bondage, restraints can make some sex positions, well, restrictive. Not anymore. Unlike handcuffs or bed ties that can get in the way of certain positions, our wrist to thigh cuffs ensure reliable restraint in almost any pose.

Offering more freedom to experiment than bondage restraints that keep hands in front or behind the body, or attach limbs to furniture, the wrist to thigh cuffs keep subs' arms firmly by their sides for easy manoeuvrability mid-play.

Switch between missionary and doggy-style in a jiffy without releasing your plaything by simply flipping them over. Fancy bondage sex while spooning? No problem. Just swivel the leg straps around until the wrist cuffs sit in an appropriate position and carry on playing.
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