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Sexy Bee

Bloomin' Booty Rose Butt Plug (3 Piece)

Bloomin' Booty Rose Butt Plug (3 Piece)

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Feel the flower power of the Bloomin' Booty Rose Butt Plug by Sexy Bee.

This floral butt plug blossoms from between your cheeks in a velvety bouquet. Enhancing vaginal sex and anal foreplay with an orgasmic feeling of fullness, this visually stimulating toy treats your partner to a picturesque rear-view and tighter sensations.

Soft and supple in body-safe stainless steel, its dainty bulb tapers from 1 to 1.75 inches at its widest point - perfectly sized for beginners and more advanced players. Let the romance begin with a splash of water-based lube for silky-smooth insertion.

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